The Coloring Book of Pueblo Pottery

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Pueblo pottery is renowned for its extraordinary beauty and craftsmanship. 'Pueblo' is a Spanish word meaning 'town' or 'village'. When the Spanish arrived in 1540 in what is now known as the American Southwest, they referred to the Indigenous communities and their settlements as Pueblos. The Pueblos are among the oldest settlements in North America, and their pottery-making tradition is as old as the ancient Pueblos themselves. Pottery is used throughout the life of a Pueblo person, and various forms are made for cooking, gathering water, food storage and ceremonial use. The Coloring Book of Pueblo Pottery features more than 30 drawings for you to complete, whether by reproducing the traditional palettes or by finding inspiration in the swirling or geometric patterns and stylised motifs for a unique design of your own. Made predominantly by women, the pots are created from natural clay using a coil method; they are hand-painted and fired outdoors. Designs vary from one Pueblo to another, but symbols and motifs relating to the natural world - birds, deer, plants and water - are common. Today, such pottery is highly collectible and is found in museums and private collections around the world. This delightful colouring book allows you to create your very own masterpieces of this celebrated and cherished art form. AUTHOR: Brian Vallo is the Terri and Michael Smooke Curator and Department Head of Contemporary Art at the Los Angeles Museum of Art.

34 line drawings, 32 colour illustrations, 1 map 31 line illustrations and 31 colour illustrations

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