Festival Frenzy

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Imagine if AC/DC, Meatloaf and Spinal Tap got together to throw the most bodacious party. Festival Frenzy is a six-foot long, gloriously gross depiction of a classic British summertime experience in all its horrific glory.

Kyle Platts (Megaskull) is set loose to do his thing across a giant Leporello and he’s brought the wildest festival ever seen to hideous life. Smelly campers, drunken partiers and raging rockers – from the campsite, through the trance tent and onto the main stage, everybody’s here and they’re ready to party! But be warned – this is NOT for the fainthearted!

Author: Kyle Platts
Paperback (Leporello)
Publisher: Nobrow Press
Dimensions: 201 x 325 mm